Why Choose Advanced Tree Care of Roseburg?

Affordable Tree Service by Professional Arborists. For Tree Removal, Fire Safety, Trimming, Stump Removal, or Landscape Services We Get It Done!

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The Best Affordable Tree Care

Trees are essential. They give us shelter, beauty, and life. They add value to property if properly cared for. Sometimes an expert is needed to remove a dead or dying tree, or to assist it to heal and thrive. We offer over 30 years of experience with assessments and solutions. We provide the equipment, expertise, and care to give your residential or commercial trees attention they need. MORE>>

Tree Trimmimg & Pruning

Tree maintenance is vital. Removing dead or diseased limbs, thinning out "crowded" branches, removing destructive mistletoe is important for your tree's health. We can shape your trees to make them more balanced and more pleasing to the eye. Bush trimming can be done to control overgrowth, protect structures, and to add aesthetic appeal. MORE>>

Tree Removal

When it is necessary to remove trees, we do it with careful planning and precision, removing it safely and efficiently. It is our customer's choice to keep the wood, or it can be removed. All brush is chipped and left for landscaping/plant protection or if preferred, disposed of. We take pride in our work and are passionate about keeping our community's trees healthy, structurally sound, and flourishing! MORE>>>

Tree Spraying

Pests and disease can cause destruction and death to our trees and can be passed on to the trees around them. Annual or semi-annual spraying could be an option to prevent this. MORE>>

Stump Grinding

We have the capability to grind out any stumps you may have on your property, and stumps from a removal. You can then replant, or have obstacle free, level land. MORE>>

Lot Clearing

Blackberry and other bushes, brush, stumps can be removed to clean up your lot and prepare it for construction, livestock, or replanting.

Hedge Trimming

Bushes and shrubs are often added to the landscapes of our homes without full awareness of their mature size. With the proper care and appropriate shaping these types of plants can be the ultimate accessory for your home.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We are licensed and insured, and we offer discounts for our Veterans and those actively serving. We also offer discounts to our senior community.

Free Quotes

We offer free assessments and estimates. Storms in our area have been known to cause major damage from falling trees or limbs. Schedule an appointment with us or call now for 24/7 emergency help MORE>>


"Removed 4 trees, chipped the branches, cut logs into firewood rounds and then raked and cleaned the area so it looked better than when they got here. VERY impressed! I will call them again if I need more tree work trimming done."
Stan Randall - Roseburg